Myths About Fitness: What's Right?

There are many myths in fitness that we communicate among ourselves, but what is the truth behind these myths and are they all true? We present to you the most important myths and the truth behind them.
Myths About Fitness: What's Right?
Is gym training essential for muscle development and growth? Do you have to eat protein powder within 5 minutes after leaving the devices? All these questions and more will try to answer them in the following article and clarify them.

The field of physical activity is very saturated with beliefs, perceptions and superstitions with regard to training in the gym, nutrition, running, etc. When you meet anyone who works in the field of sport regularly will call a certain vision on this subject, and not necessarily be true, as will show most people around you Their opinions on the subject without scientific evidence or evidence, so to spread awareness about the position decided to the American Council for Sports ACE test some of the most common myths and tested professionally and professionally.

Weightlifting women have muscles like men
The fact is that women do not have enough testosterone to develop muscle mass similar to men, so strength training does not significantly increase muscle volume in women but the use of steroids when training does this.

Training on a specific area of ??the body "causes fat burning"
This is a false assumption. For example, many people practice abdominal exercises because they think this will destroy and save them from the rumen, and that applies to other areas. Unfortunately, all these scenarios are not true. It is not possible to burn fat in one specific part of the body or, in scientific terms, lipid tissue can not be reduced in certain areas by specifically working on it.

Integrating regular exercise, strength training and proper nutrition can dissolve fatty tissue in the body, as this type of tissue is not less in certain areas of the body but generally less.

No magic solutions: Stress and maintain proper training and nutrition routine
In addition, the human body has a constant tendency to maintain the reserve fat in the body, and this is an evolutionary step aimed at survival of the human, in men, fat accumulates mainly in the abdomen, and for women accumulation in the pelvic area.

When you arrive at the gym to polish and sculpt these areas at the beginning of the weight loss process, the body first removes the tissue in all parts of the body from two feet and condemns, but leaves the backup stores to the final stage. So if you stick to the right stage of sports, training and healthy food, it is likely that at an advanced stage you will reach areas that the body sees as a reserve and we see it as a center for more fat.

No profit no pain no gain
This is one of the most famous sentences in the community of trainees in various sports halls around the world. The fact is that physical activity even pain can cause harm when done without professional guidance. Remember that it is okay to push yourself a bit in terms of pregnancy on the muscles, heart, lungs and bones but this must be done logically and rationally under the supervision of a specialist.

When we exercise we can eat everything
If you want to lose weight as part of your training program, try to maintain a diet that contains more fruits and vegetables and less sweets.
Running on a healthy foot and back foot
True, modern walkers are equipped with shock absorbers that reduce the burden on the back and knees and prevent pain and joint problems later on.

Food supplements are the magic solution
Many trainees consume protein powders, different grains and supplements, but their advertising methods are misleading in many cases and lead to unnecessary expenses. It is true that many supplements actually help build body weight loss and the like, but they are not a substitute for proper training and proper nutrition. There are no magic solutions when it comes to sport and fitness.

Protein powders help increase muscle volume
It is true that high-quality protein powders, which are found in organized shops, provide a high amount of protein and collect them to be well absorbed in the body, but not as an alternative to a healthy and nutritious meal.

Protein powder should be taken immediately after training
This is not true. Many studies suggest that it is better to take the powder before training and to have a good meal after. Other studies have shown that it does not matter when we eat the powder, but the most important is to maintain the optimal amount of protein in the body during the training day. Simply put, these powders are a dietary supplement and not a substitute for a healthy and nutritious meal. Also, be careful not to pass the recommended amount of protein so as not to burden the kidneys and liver, so if you eat a meal containing a reasonable amount of fish or dairy products and other foods rich in protein, you should give up the powder.
Muscles weigh more than fat
In fact, muscle tissue is more dense than fat. One kilogram of muscle takes up less than a kilogram of fat. In muscle, blood vessels are more than fat, and that is why the assumption is wrong.

Moderate exercise burns more fat
This is an incorrect assumption, as moderate exercises are highly recommended and welcome, but the fact is that hard exercise exercises are working to burn calories faster and more effectively.

Why are there so many legends about fitness?
There are two reasons for this: the first is that this industry generates billions around the world and takes part in magical solutions to fitness and goals that we want to achieve, yet we are also "guilty", we are looking for easy solutions and quick results in this area. But the truth is even more difficult. In order to achieve satisfactory results, you must continue to exercise, eat healthy and maintain morning training. If you do this as you should, you will discover that this method is no less fun than the result.
Fun training for all.

Published on: 5/1/19, 3:47 PM