Benefits of rose water for the face

Rose water has many different uses, the most important aesthetic, what do you know about the benefits of rose water for the face specifically?

Benefits of rose water for the face

Rose water has a beautiful aromatic fragrance, which is available in the market and can be found easily, the benefits of rose water for many faces, so it must always contain your home.
The most important benefits of rose water for skin

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, it is rich in useful antioxidants, which makes it ideal for your skin, here are the most important benefits:

1. Maintain an appropriate pH

The pH that is most suitable for your skin is usually between 4.5-6.2, which means it is slightly acidic.
The use of soaps, facial cleansers and many different products, which can affect the pH of the face, which results in a number of problems such as acne.
On the other hand, Rose water helps the skin to maintain an appropriate pH, since the degree of 5.5!

2 - Contributing to the treatment of acne

The benefits of rose water for the face that works to get rid of excess oils in the face, and reduces the growth of bacteria that stimulate the emergence of acne
This results in a fight against acne as a whole, thus reducing its appearance.

3. Moisturizes your skin

The use of rose water on the skin contributes to moisturizing it, it penetrates inside the pores.
As the components of rose water are easily absorbed by the skin, therefore, their role in moisturizing is greater.

4 - reduce the swelling of the face

The rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and works to cool, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.
This helps fight swelling, especially under your eyes.
Just put a piece of cotton down the bottom of each eye, and then immerse it in cold rose water.

5. Suitable for sensitive skin

As the rose water components are nice on the skin, this makes them suitable for those with sensitive skin in particular.
The ingredients of this product help relieve redness and irritability, without any adverse effects to it.

6 - reduce the appearance of signs of aging
There are several factors that help speed up the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles, including exposure to the sun, the chemicals we use as well as the diet we follow.
But the use of rose water rich in antioxidants works to rebalance harmful levels of free radicals, which accelerate the process of aging.

7- Contributing to the treatment of sunburn
Since rose water is characterized by cooled properties, it means that it has a role in the treatment of sunburn.
Rose water accelerates the process of healing and reduce the pain resulting from it.

How to use rose water

There are several ways you can use the rose water in order to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, the most important ones:

1 - wiping the face with rose water

Put some rose water on a piece of clean cotton and wipe your face out and let it dry.
Repeat this exercise twice daily, morning and before bedtime.

2 - rose water with coconut oil

In order to moisten the face, combine three tablespoons of rose water, with a tablespoon of glycerin and another of coconut oil.
Apply this mixture twice a day.

3 - Rose water as a cleaner

Put some rose water in her head box to help spray what's inside.
Sprinkle the rose water on your face every time you feel you need to clean it out of dirt.

4- Rose water for the treatment of acne

You need a teaspoon of lemon and another rose water.
Place the mixture on the affected area and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.
Repeat this process once or twice a week.

Published on: 5/1/19, 3:35 PM